Morning Relax

It is difficult to get close to nature these days. Every day, the first thing you see when you step outside the balcony is the cement forest, tall buildings, condominiums, and congested streets. Your usual routine is to get up early in the morning to avoid traffic and make it to work on time.

At Ananta Thai Pool Villas Resort Phuket, we will completely redefine what it means to get up early.

The image of golden rays of morning light breaking through clouds in a blue sky with dew on leaves will make your body and mind feel calm, refreshed, and full of energy.

This is the concept of a “waking up” experience that you will have at Ananta Thai Pool Villas Resort Phuket.

In addition to the atmosphere, we offer your favorite breakfast to round out your happiness. You can choose your breakfast menu at Ananta Thai Pool Villas Resort Phuket, which is similar to having your chef. Simply order from the staff and you can eat wherever you want. We also provide you with a spacious kitchen in your room if you want to change your vibe by cooking your favorite dish. We now have a special promotion, “Ananta Secret Deal”, that allows you to enjoy this experience at a discounted price.