A Cozy Bungalow House Design 

Ananta Thai Pool Villas Resort Phuket – Welcome to New Haven, where you can enjoy the nature-inspired design that provides warmth and comfort under the definition of a “Cozy Bungalow.” 

All 11 Ananta villas are designed in the style of the traditional Thai house, which mainly used hardwood as an essential material. Ananta’s Thai-style roof has two layers to ventilate and reduce the heat in the villa. 

The main direction of designing the house is inspired by the original color of the wood, which is the primary building material. The brown color provides the sensibility of warmth, relaxation, and a chilling vibe as if you were living in a Thai house. With a sense of modernity, Ananta Villa provides guests with a proportional space to get the most comfort. Therefore, each villa includes a bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, and swimming pool. 

In addition to the design, each villa provides high privacy to all guests with its gate. The backyard is filled with many kinds of plants, like being in the midst of a lush tropical rainforest. You can feel the tranquility, moisture, and coolness. Ananta Thai Pool Villas is one of the best places suitable for escaping the hectic life to give yourself time for rest.